CL£AR Banking


Branding based work to showcase a fictitious new Banking Firm that is UK based, independent (i.e. not affiliated with the current crop of banks) and offers a more transparent as well as honest form of 'old fashioned' services in a 21st Century setting. The logo needed something memorable so used the '£' sign to replace the 'E'. A clearer, legible typeface: 'Frutiger 55 Regular' as well as some of its offshoots from its font family to communicate the mandate and concept of this (fictive) brand. The Venn style circular motif extrapolates on the idea of 'clarity' i.e. the opacity of the inter-linked circles as well as linking them to the triumvirate style caption at the top of the advert: 'ETHICAL, TRANSPARENT, HONEST'.


June 2013


Self Directed


Branding, advertising, conceptualisation, artwork, copy writing and typography


Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop